Healthy Moving: See the difference the Alexander Technique makes

What is the Alexander Technique?

An Education in the Use of Ourselves


Sitting, standing, walking. Activities we do every day. But do we ever think about how we do them? We learned to move our body when we were children; as adults, we no longer pay it much attention. But unconscious habits of tension and mal-coordination, often learned during childhood or caused by over use and injury, continue to affect us throughout our lives.

About the ATC

The Alexander Technique Connection is a consortium of highly skilled and dedicated, AmSAT-certified teachers of the Alexander Technique.

We have joined together to promote greater public awareness of this singular method that optimizes balance and coordination, helps to reduce injury and promote recovery, and enhances overall performance. ATC teachers offer private lessons, group classes, workshops and lecture-demonstrations.

We also provide professional development, post-graduate training and business support to our members.